Fussy, fusspot and fussbudget in other languages

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Meaning of Fussy, fusspot and fussbudget (US)

A fussy, fusspot or fussbudget person is someone who gives excessive or anxious concern about details and worries or complains about unimportant things. They sometimes may be a pain in the ass.

Examples of Fusspot

She’s so fussy about the wedding! – everything has to be absolutely perfect.

This technician is a fusspot, but his films come out impeccably edited.

He is a fussy eater.

Origin of Fusspot

It comes from fuss (to worry or complain about trifles), of uncertain origin, perhaps an echoic word. Earliest documented use in 1921.

Fusspot in Catalan

Fussy, fusspot and fussbudget in Catalan

Fusspot in French

Fusspot is pinailleur or difficil in French . A more derogatory French term is chiant.

fussy fusspot fussbudget in French

Fusspot in Spanish

In Spanish (from Spain), Fusspot is tiquismiquis .

titismiquis perepunyetes in Spanish perepunyetes in Spanish

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