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Nuts, in a figurative sense, means to be crazy or foolish. You can go nuts (go crazy) or something can drive you nuts (crazy). It also means to be very enthusiastic about something.

nuts to be nuts


Nutcase, crazy, cracked, whacky, batty, moonstruck, loony, barmy (GB), crackers (GB), daft, screwy, mental, maniac, haywire, crackpot, kook (US)


She went nuts when she won the lottery. He lost all the money just one year after.

I sometimes go nuts when people touch my stuff.

I’m nuts about boardgames, specially Settlers of Catan.

Nuts in Catalan

In Catalan you can say tocat del bolet (literally,touched by a mushroom) for Nuts or estar tocat del bolet for (to) be nuts. You can also say et falta un bull (literally, you lack a boil) or estĂ s com un llum (literally, you are like a light) or even estĂ s com una cabra (literally, you are like a goat).

Nuts in Basque language

In Basque language we have a number of choices: burutik eginda egon, (burutik) jota egon, (burutik) eraginda egon, (burutik) ondo egon ez, (burutik) sano egon ez, harrikadea euki/harrikada eduki (hum.), ganbaratik ondo egon ez (hum.), burua pitzatuta eduki, zoratuta egon.

Nuts in French

In French you can say complĂštement cinglĂ©(e) o complĂštement Ă  la masse. For example: Mon Dieu, il est complĂštement cinglĂ©! (OMG, he’s gone completely nuts!)

Nuts in Italian

In Italian, there is the expression Passo. For instance, No, allora sĂŹ che crederanno davvero che sono pazzo (Now they will think that I’ve really gone nuts).

Nuts in Irish Gaelic

Depending on the context, in Irish Gaelic nuts can be:

  • as do mheabhair
  • craiceĂĄilte
  • ar mire
  • bailithe

He’s completely nuts: tĂĄ sĂ© glan as a mheabhair, tĂĄ sĂ© iomlĂĄn craiceĂĄilte, tĂĄ sĂ© ar mire glan
She went nuts: chaill sí an bloc, spréach sí, chuaigh sí ar mire
It’s driving me nuts: tĂĄ sĂ© do mo chur soir, tĂĄ sĂ© do mo chur as mo mheabhair

Nuts in German

(to) be nuts in German is Spinnen (informal): (to) go nuts is durchdrehen or anfangen zu spinnen.

Nuts in Scottish Gaelic

In Scots Gaelic, Nuts is CnĂłthan (as in nuts/bolts; walnuts etc.) As in crazy/nuts, craicte.

Nuts in Spanish

In Spanish you can say estar como un cencerro (literally, to be like a cowbell). You can also say chiflado (loony, whacky) or estar como una cabra (literally, to be like a goat).

Nuts in Swedish

Nuts is knÀpp in Swedish.

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