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to roast someone means to admonish, criticize severely or speak angrily and vigorously to someone.

Roast someone examples

You are late for work for the fourth time this week; your boss will really roast you this time.

Wow! She has roasted him in front of everybody. If she wanted to air their dirty laundry, she could’ve done it in private.

Roast someone in Bulgarian

In Bulgarian, if we want to roast someone, we should say дразня (pronounced draznja) (literally, to tease).

Roast someone in Catalan

In Catalan you can say dir el nom del porc (a algú) (literally, to tell the name of the pig (to someone)’

Rast someone in Dutch

In Dutch, the equivalent to roast is het vuur aan de schenen leggen (nl) (literally, put the fire to the shins).

Roast someone in German

In German, an equivalent expression is rüffeln (literally to ruffle).

Roast someone in French

 In French we would use the expression s’en prendre à qn (literally, to attack sb).

Roast someone in Japanese

In Japanese is 酷評する( kokuhyō suru) (literally, to criticize).

Roast someone in Russian

In Russian, a similar expression is задираться (ru) impf (pronounced zadiratʹsja) (informal) (literally, to bully), цапаться (ru) impf (pronounced capatʹsja) (informal)

Roast someone in Spanish

In Spanish (from Spain), in a colloquial way, you say echar un rapapolvo (literally, to throw a scold to someone) or poner verde a alguien (literally, to put green to somebody, although in this second meaning normally the criticized person is not present).

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