(to) drive someone bananas

(to) drive someone bananas meaning, synonyms, examples and equivalents in other languages.


To drive someone bananas means to drive one crazy or to make someone feel stressed. You can also go bananas if you get angry; or go mad.


(to) grind one’s gears (AmE), get someone’s goat, drive crazy, drive nuts, drive round the bend, give a hard time, harass, tease, irritate, bother, distress, plague, persecute, annoy, trouble, hound, agonize, vex, crucify, torture, harry, harrow, excruciate, nag, punish, bait, break, wring, afflict, worry, pester, provoke, rack, bedevil, try, devil, smite.

to grind one's gears


All that noise was driving him bananas!

Tom’s acting childish today, it’s driving me bananas.

sb = somebody

(to) drive sb bananas in Catalan

In Catalan it is Treure de polleguera (literally, take out of the hinge).

Drive sb bananas in Catalan
You drive me bananas = Em treus de polleguera

(to) drive sb bananas in French

In French, as in Catalan, it is Faire sortir quelqu’un de ses gonds (literally, pull someone out of their hinges).

Drive sb bananas in French

(to) drive sb bananas in German

In German you say jdn. wahnsinnig machen (literally, to drive crazy)

(to) drive sb bananas in Spanish

In Spanish it is Sacar de quicio (meaning to aggravate or annoy).

Drive sb bananas in many languages
Drive sb bananas in other languages

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