Palyndrome day: 02-02-2020

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Palyndromic numbers and the Catalan word Capicua

Today, 02-02-2020, is a palyndrome day. A palindromic number is a number that remains the same when its digits are reversed. Catalans have a special name for this type of number: capicua (pronunced [ka.piˈku.a], it means literally, “headandtail” written together).

Capicua in English, French and Spanish

Capicua in English is a Palindromic number and in French a Nombre palindrome .

Finally, the word of Catalan origin Capicua became popular in Spanish, just by adding an accent on the letter u, that is to say, Capicúa, and then the word was added to the RAE dictionary. Now capicúa is widely used in Spanish, too.

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