Jeepers creepers!

Jeepers creepers. Meaning. Examples. Jeepers creepers in other languages.


Jeepers Creepers or just jeepers or creepers is an expression of surprise or annoyance derived from Jesus Christ. You use this exclamation especially if there are kids around or you are from the 1950s. It is similar to Darn it!


Jeepers creepers! He just shot Albert!

Jeepers creepers! He’s done it again!

douche canoe
jeepers creepers

Jeepers creepers in Catalan

Vatua l’olla! (literally, Oh pot!). Also, Mare de Déu (literally, mother of God) or Alsa Manela (Wow Manela!).

jeepers creepers in Catalan
alça Manela

Jeepers creepers in French

In French you can say zut (literally, cursed, although its meaning can vary considerably depending on the context), Mille misères! (literally, a thousand miseries!), or even the multi-purpose Merde! “(Literally, shit! ).

jeepers creepers in French

Jeepers creepers in German

In German you can use Mensch! (Literally, “man!”), which is an exclamation of surprise.

Jeepers creepers in Italian

In Italian you can say Capperacci (something along the lines of Jeepers creepers or Damn it), or Cavoli!  (literally, sprouts!). For example: Capperacci, sober ubriaco! (Jeepers Creepers, I’m drunk!).

Jeepers creepers in Mandarin Chinese

In Mandarin Chinese you can say  哎呀 (pronounced tiān nǎ, āiy ā, which is used to express astonishment and translates literally as oh, God!). For example: 哎呀, 看看 都 几点 了! 我 要 晚 了! (Jeepers creepers! Look at the time! I’m late!).

Jeepers creepers in Chinese

Jeepers creepers in Portuguese

In Portuguese we can say carpa or eh pá! which are also expressions of surprise or annoyance.

Jeepers creepers in Spanish

In Spanish you can say ¡Córcholis!,¡Recórcholis!,¡Mecachis! ¡Carajo!… And also ¡Caray! O ¡Cásita! For instance: Recórcholis, ¡no hay manera! (Jeepers creepers, there’s no way to do it!).

jeepers creepers in European Spanish

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