Bend over backwards in other languages

to bend over backwards = (to) try one’s hardest, (to) do one’s best.


(to) Bend over backwards means to strive hard, to do one’s utmost to achieve something. move heaven and earth. (to) try one’s hardest, (to) do one’s best.


They have bent over backwards to adapt small business to the new circumstances, and now they are selling online.

John bent over backwards for her sister when she was in trouble.

(to) bend over backwards in Catalan

There is a very idiomatic expresssion in Catalan that means exactly the same: fer mans i mànigues (literally, to do hands and sleeves).

(to) bend over backwards in French

In French, we can say se mettre en quatrese plier en quatre, o se couper en quatre (which literally means to bent backwards)

(to) bend over backwards in German

In German sich ein Bein ausreißen (which literaly means to pluck one’s leg)

(to) bend over backwards in Italian

In Italian it is farsi in quattro (which literally means bent backwards)

(to) bend over backwards in Portuguese

In Portuguese it is fazer de tudo (which literally means “to do everything”)

(to) bend over backwards in Spanish

In Spanish you can say Hacer lo imposible (which literally means to do the impossible)

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