The ‘best’ British insults

Genuine British insults translated to Catalan language

Top 10 most creative and genuine British insults translated to Catalan

Apologies for the rude subject matter, but we were just curious about the most creative and genuine insults in British English and how they translate to Catalan language. This post is not aimed at equipping people with more ways of being rude. It is for linguistic and cultural purposes only. If you don’t like reading swears, just don’t read this post. Needless to say, It’s your decision what ends up coming out of your mouth 🙂 So here is a list of the most creative and genuine British Insults and its closer equivalents in Catalan. This blog is against any sort of censorship. Without freedom of speech there is no debate, no new ideas and therefore, no social progress.

Tosser – Supreme Asshole or jerk. In catalan, Imbècil.


Wanker = Idiot. In catalan, idiota. (to) wank [colloq.] [vul.], as a verb for masturbate, is, in Catalan language, “fer-se una palla”.

No oil painting = Ugly. In catalan, cardo.

No oil painting
No oil painting

(to have a face) like a bulldog chewing a wasp = Ugly. In catalan, Més lleig/lletja que un pecat.

No oil painting, like a bulldog chewing a wasp, ugly, like a  back end of a bus

(to have a face) like the back end of a bus = Ugly. In catalan, Més lleig/lletja que un pecat.

Slag = whore, the worst kind . In catalan, putot.

Cunt is one of the most offensive insult in British English. It actually refers to the female genital organ. It is an offensive word for a very unpleasant or unlikable person: You stupid cunt! In Catalan it can be translated as cony (although in Catalan sounds way milder).

Scrubber – A nicer way to say slag . In catalan, fresca.

Cheese eating surrender monkeys = The French. In Catalan gavatxos.

Daft Cow = dumb, large woman. In catalan, tros de foca, vaca.

A big girl’s blouse = A weak cowardly man (It’s somewhat sexist). In catalan, un nyicris, un calçasses.

A big girl's blouse

Arsehole = asshole. In catalan, capsigrany.


Barmy – Stupid or crazy. In catalan, pallús.


Two sandwiches short of a picnic = crazy, silly*. In catalan, ximple.

Not the sharpest tool in the box / shed = stupid. In catalan, una mica justet.

Northern monkey = person from the north of the UK. There is no equivalent in Catalan.

Northern monkey
Southern softies

Southern softies = person from the south of the UK. There is no equivalent in Catalan.

Dead from the neck up = stupid. In Catalan, curt/a de gambals.

Dull as dishwater / Ditchwater = boring. In catalan, un plasta (person), un conyàs (thing).

Mad as a box of frogs = Crazy. In Catalan, tocat del bolet, com un llum, com una cabra.

Mad as a box of frogs

Git = Moron, Idiot. In Catalan, idiota.

(Place) is the armpit of (place) = somewhere is the worst place of a bigger place. In Catalan, la claveguera de….

Chav = White Trash / Low Class (both for femenine and masculine) . In Catalan, neng o xoni.

British chav

Piss Off = Go Away . In Catalan, ves a la merda, fot el camp.

Piss Off

Bell End = Dick Head (bell end also means penis). In Catalan, cabró, imbècil. If it refers to the male genital organ , polla.

Knob = Dick . In Catalan, polla.

Arse-licker = A sycophant . In Catalan, llepa-culs.

Gannet = Greedy person. In Catalan, garrepa, del puny estret.

Plug-Ugly = Very Ugly person. In Catalan, Lleig com una mala cosa.

Milder words (Generally of little concern): Arse, bloody, bugger, cow, crap, damn, ginger, git, Goddam, minger, sod-off

Medium words: Arsehole, balls, bint, bitch, bollocks, bullshit, feck, pissed, pissed-off, shit, tits

Strong words: Bastard, beaver, beef curtains, cock, dick, twat

Strongest words: Cunt, fuck, motherfucker

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