Scottish Gaelic ⇆ Catalan Simple Greetings

Scots gaelic and Catalan greetings

Greetings in Scots Gaelic and Catalan

Here is a list of the main greetings in Scots Gaelic translated to Catalan language. Scottish Gaelic is a Goidelic language of the Celtic and Indo-European language family, native to the Gaels of Scotland. Most of modern Scotland was once Gaelic. One curious fact about Scots Gaelic Gaelic is that it has no words for “yes” (in Catalan, ) and “no” (in Catalan, No), and replies are made with the relevant verbs. For questions beginning with “a bheil?”, the appropriate word for “yes” is “tha”. An alternative is “seadh”, pronounced shugh, which means “yeah” or “uh-huh”. At the end of this post there is a comprehensive list of resources to learn Scottish Gaelic or Catalan.

English > Scots Gaelic (pronunciation) ⇆ Catalan (audio)

Hello > Halò. (ha-LAW) ⇆ Hola

Welcome > fàilte – (faaltshæ) Benvingut

My name is [your name]> Is mise … [your name] ⇆ En dic… [your name]

How are you? > Ciamar a tha thu/sibh? (KEM-mer uh HA oo?) ⇆ Com estàs?

Good morning > madainn mhath (matin vah) ⇆ Bon dia

Good day > latha math (laah mah) ⇆ Bon dia

Good afternoon/evening > feashar math – (fesker mah) ⇆ Bona tarda / vespre

Good night > oidhche mhath – (oychæ vah) ⇆ Bona nit

Bye for now > tiaraidh an dràsda (tsheearee an draasha)Fins ara!

Goodbye > beannachd leibh (byannachk leyv) ⇆ Adéu

Excuse me > gabh mo leisgeul (gav mo leshæl)Perdoni

I am sorry > tha mi duilich (haa mee doolich)Perdó

Thank you > tapadh leibh (tah leyv)Gràcies / Mercès

Many thanks > mòran taing (mohræn tigh -ng)Moltes gràcies

You’re welcome ( Reply to thank you ) > ´s e ur beatha (shey oor behah) ⇆ De res

Gaelic> Gàidhlig [ˈkaːlɪkʲ]  ⇆ Gaèlic · Catalan > Catalanach ⇆ Català

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Scottish Gaelic learners’ materials on the Internet:

Adhartach (Advanced)

  • Clilstore – Videos of authentic and natural (while also clear and relatively simple) conversations with fluent Gaelic speakers, including a transcript with all words linked to online dictionaries
  • BBC Alba iplayer
  • Language Skills – Online literacy for fluent speakers – Course by SCIR, Lews Castle College, on Gaelic Orthographic Conventions
  • Stòras na Gàidhlig aig Foghlam Alba
  • An t-Oide – blog WordPress aig Steaphan MacRisnidh


Supplements to particular textbooks (Advanced)

E-books – $

Catalan learners’ materials on the Internet:


Information about Catalan

Courses and lessons

Gamified lessons & Flashcards(most sites here have mobile apps)

Online dictionaries

Catalan monolingual


Verb conjugation


Maps & Images

Interactive Dialect/Pronunciation/Accent maps

MediaOnline radio







You can normally find Catalan dubs of popular anime on YouTube if you search “title + catala”, but they’re frequently removed due to Copyright restriction, so the below links may not work forever.


TextOnline News




Information on Catalancheck out the versions of the pages!

Tapadh leibh, Gràcies!

Thank you and see you soon!

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