Microstory ~ The Maslow suicide

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The Maslow suicide

He was a total failure, a nobody, a good-for-nothing piece of shit, as his mother, every time she got drunk, reminded him since he was a child .

That’s why he decided to leap into the void.

He didn’t give a shit about anything or anyone, anymore.
The first thing he did wastake all his paintings and tear them apart. Some knowledgeable painting teachers once told him that he had a style of his own, that he somehow managed to convey a profound meaning and bla bla bla. He couldn’t care less.

Then, in this escalation of nihilism, he decided to send emails and messages on social media telling his friends and acquaintances how much he loathed their presence and he even took the trouble to list all the things he hated most about each one, making sure that the message sounded as offensive and personalized as possible.

Then he headed for a war-torn Middle-East country, where security and safety were anything but guaranteed.

Locals say that he stopped drinking, eating and sleeping a year ago, but, oddly enough, he did not die. Instead, he became a sort of self-sufficient being who lives in a higher dimension and cannot be tempted by acknowledgements nor hurt by human wickedness.


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